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Coming up: Scouting for Food

A Scout is helpful! This is a wonderful event that helps people in need in our community and the Scouts are able to help hands on. We really do need all hands on deck for this event.

Saturday, December 1st 8AM – 11AM @ Saint John’s in Holbrook:

Scouts will need to come by Saint John’s to get their street assignments and pick up the flyers they will be placing at houses on those street assignments. After you obtain the street assignments and have your flyers, then you are able to place the flyers at the homes on the streets you have been assigned to.

Sunday, December 2nd 12:00 PM Collection & Drop Off:

Scouts should collect all donated food items at houses on their assigned streets. After collecting all
donations, please head back to Saint John’s in Holbrook for drop off. We would appreciate your help at drop off to stay and help sort and put items away. This is a huge undertaking so the more help we have, the faster it will all come together for those in our community.

PLEASE NOTE Lions and Tigers are not able to go door to door hanging fliers and are not able to go door to door collecting the food donations for safety reasons. Lions and Tigers are more than welcome to help sort the food donations on Sunday at noon at Saint John’s. We need their help to put the food away. We ask this for safety reasons.

We appreciate all your help and look forward to another successful SCOUTING FOR FOOD for our community.

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